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Wednesday, January 2, 2013 @ 08:01 PM
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NY Residents Prepare for Radon Action Month

Radon Action Month New YorkRadon action month occurs every January and is a month in which residents take action in support of their safety by reducing the radon levels of their home. You may be wondering what is radon? Or even debating whether or not radon is a threat to your home. Even if you do not fulfill radon action month with having a mitigation system installed, you can at least take the time to educate yourself, and spread the word about radon gas.

Radon Action Month in New York

As mentioned, education on radon is half the battle. Many do not take much time to care about radon as it is thought to be an insignificant threat. This could not be any further from the truth. Radon kills 20,000 each year which is more than drunk driving. In addition, radon harms one out of every fifteen homes, meaning there is no place in the nation that it safe from radon gas.

Radon forms in the soil beneath the home from naturally occurring breakdown of elements in your soil. As elements break down, and this gas forms, it may contaminate your water supply through the groundwater, or even through the foundation of your home. It is extremely important to have your home tested to find out where the gas is coming from, and what can be done about it.

Taking Action in Radon Action Month

families should not take anymore time postponing their health. Take radon action month as a time to prepare your home as a safe environment. The first thing you need to do during radon action month is have a test completed on your home. The test is the only way to determine your gas levels, as radon cannot be seen or smelled. Once you have your levels, it is easy to determine how threatened your home is. If the levels are high, quickly call a professional to install a mitigation system. If your levels are low, you may retest again for peace of mind. If both tests return negative results, you do not need a mitigation system at this time, and only need to retest several years later.

With high levels of gas in your home, an air purification system is the only thing that can lower your levels. Residents do not need to panic, as the nation’s largest and most trusted mitigation company is located right here in NY. You can quickly be breathing clean air as one of our trained, certified professionals conducts installation of an air purification system on your home. You will not have to worry about lung cancer anymore, as your radon levels drop. Contact your local S.W.A.T. Environmental this radon action month and start breathing much easier today. We always offer a free quote, so you have nothing to lose. Protect your home from radon gas.