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Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 04:02 PM
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Radon Mitigation in Schools in New York is Needed

Radon Mitigation in Schools in New YorkResidents of New York need to take further action in helping make certain that their schools have an adequate level of safety. As you may have heard recently, there was a deeply saddening news story about a shooting in Newtown, CT. While this event deeply saddens many, and sparks a debate about guns and school safety, there is one part of school safety that does not have to be so complicated. When it comes to school safety, all schools should be radon free.

Radon gas is a deadly gas that forms in the soil beneath homes and buildings in NY, and across America. While this gas is deadly and should be treated likewise, many have not taken the necessary precaution in protecting their home, much less their schools. Radon gas forms in the soil when uranium breaks down. This is a natural process, and is essentially unavoidable. As the gas forms underneath buildings, it may seep through the foundation, or enter the water supply. Either way it has entered a room and will now only increase in concentration unless action is taken. Radon mitigation in schools will help lower the concentrations of this deadly gas in New York.

Why New York Needs Radon Mitigation in Schools

By the numbers, radon gas is one of the most deadly substances discovered. It kills approximately 20,000 people each year in the form of lung cancer. This means that one out of every seven cases of lung cancer are caused by radon gas. In addition, radon gas has been found in high concentrations in approximately one out of every five schools. 70,000 schools across the nation have high levels of radon gas. What is this nation going to do about the safety of our students.

A bill is being proposed from a congressman in Iowa that will provide the necessary funding for all students to be treated to equally clean air. If passed, this bill will provide the necessary funding for radon mitigation in schools. The way this bill will work is that first all schools will receive initial funding for radon testing. Schools with high levels of radon gas will then be dispersed additional grant monies for radon mitigation in schools. Radon mitigation in schools in New York will provide all of our students the clean air to ensure that they will not be breathing in harmful gases.

Now is the time we all take action for radon mitigation in schools. If we all write a member of congress, or even a local politician, we can fight for funding to be dispersed for radon mitigation in schools. Additionally, we will not have to have to worry about hurting our children’s education because all of this funding will be in addition to the school budget. Act now and help all of our future leaders, teachers, and faculty members in NY breathe easier with radon mitigation in schools.