Residential Radon Mitigation – New York

Residential Radon Mitigation in New York

Residential Radon MitigationWhile radon gas is a problem nationwide, residents living in the northeast are often at even higher risk. That means you could have a problem with radon in your New York area home, and that could put your family at risk. If you have never had your New York area home tested for radon, now is the perfect time to rectify the situation.

The thing that makes radon so dangerous to New York area homeowners is the fact that it is so difficult to detect. Radon has no odor or taste, and as a gas it is of course invisible. The only way you can know for sure if you have radon in your New York area home is to have the property tested. Radon testing companies use sophisticated equipment that can detect radon in the basement and living spaces of your home. If high levels of radon are found, a quality radon mitigation provider can give you a list of options to make your New York area home safe again.

Many residents of New York fear that having their homes tested will be a hassle, or that the process will be complicated and time consuming. In fact, testing your New York area home for radon is not as complicated or difficult as you might expect, especially if you hire a quality contractor. A quality contractor will be fully licensed and certified to test for radon in the New York, and they will be able to help you determine how best to deal with any radon problems they find.

Selecting The Right Residential Radon Mitigation Company

Our company has access to the sophisticated testing equipment needed to find radon in your New York area home. Our firm also has access to the latest radon mitigation techniques, and we will be able to help you find the best solution for your specific radon problem.

Radon can get into your New York area home in a number of different ways, so it is important to tailor the solution to the source of the problem. Radon can get into your home through contaminated soil, which is a problem in the New York area. The radon in the surrounding soil seeps into the home slowly over time, until toxic levels of radioactive gas build up in the home. If that is the case, our firm will work with you to seal up your foundation and equalize the pressure between the interior and exterior of your home.

Radon can also get into your New York area home through contaminated groundwater or a contaminated well. If that is the issue, our firm can work with you to stop the danger at its source. But no matter what the source of the contamination, our firm will be able to work with you to solve your radon problem once and for all.