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Radon Levels in New York: Are You at Risk?

radon level new york

Purchasing a home is a thrilling milestone in anyone’s life. But with any residence, there are often problems that arise as part of home ownership about which you should be aware in order to stay healthy. A fairly common problem that arises in both newer and older homes is high radon levels. Radon gas exposure can be very harmful to your health, but you could never know when your house contains it until it is too late. Fortunately, radon contamination is easily preventable with a little preparation. There are many different ways to test for radon levels, as well as many ways to ensure that you and your family are safe from its dangerous effects.

Radon gas is a very dangerous substance that is a known carcinogen, which simply means that exposure to it can lead to cancer. Since those who are exposed to radon gas usually unknowingly breathe it in, lung cancer is the most common side effect of accumulated radon levels. Radon can collect in the basements of residential homes, eventually spreading to the rest of the house. It is created as a side effect of the breakdown of natural elements like uranium, which are found in the ground all over the country. The region is particularly vulnerable to radon creation, so if you live in this area you should have your radon levels checked frequently to make sure that you are not exposing anyone that you care about to this deadly substance.

Testing for Radon Levels

After radon gas’s creation, it gradually moves upward out of the ground. Outdoors, it has no ill effects, but when it slips through foundational cracks into a house where it cannot dissipate, it can quickly reach harmful levels. Regular radon testing is a wise precaution. You can purchase a home radon testing kit from most home supply stores. It will give you an idea of your home’s radon levels, although for a truly accurate result, you should have SWAT Environmental perform a professional test of your home. This will tell you whether you need to be concerned about your house’s radon levels.

Removing High Radon Levels

f this test detects high radon levels in your house, SWAT’s specialists will be able to ensure its removal. One of the most common ways to fix a radon problem is to install a unique fan system to collect the radon and transport it through pipes outside of the house. Other systems and preventative measures may also be necessary in some homes.

Due to the deadly consequences of continued exposure to high radon levels, you should not take any chances regarding radon in your home. Getting assistance from SWAT Environmental’s experts with this issue may actually save lives, and at least can help prevent any health problems in the future.