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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 @ 06:01 PM
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Is Your New York Home Safe From Radon?

Radon Awareness Month  New YorkJanuary has the distinction of having been selected as National Radon Awareness Month by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Recognizing the deadly nature of radon, the U.S. Surgeon General and the Environmental Protection Agency are both urging residents to have their homes tested for this radioactive gas during the month of January. Why January? This month occurs during the coldest season. January has been selected partly because this is the month when homeowners and their families begin to stay inside their homes more frequently. This added time indoors increases the risk of developing a serious illness due to radon exposure. It is also the beginning of a new year full of good resolutions.

Radon is formed below the earth’s surface when uranium breaks down. It is a radioactive gas that begins to fill in the voids existing within the ground. Eventually, this noxious gas begins to search for a way out of the ground, traveling along any cracks in the ground until eventually it reaches the earth’s surface or your area home’s foundation. Once radon gets into your home, it often becomes trapped in various rooms, partly because today’s homes are built to be air tight.

Not only can radon enter through the cracks in your building’s foundation, but it can also enter through open windows set directly above ground level or apertures where the utilities or ground water enters the home. Radon is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. Therefore, unless you obtain a radon test kit, you won’t know whether or not your home has been contaminated by this radioactive gas.

What Area Residents Need to Know about Radon

While the amount of radon that enters your home depends on how easily it can get in, the home’s age or number of rooms doesn’t really matter. What does matter is how well the home is constructed or how many cracks or openings exist. In order to test your home for radon, you need to obtain a radon test kit, which is used to determine the levels of this radioactive gas within your home’s interior. If the levels test higher than 4.0 pci/L, then the Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you have your area home undergo radon mitigation strategies.

Take Action and Have Your Area Home Tested by SWAT

During the month of January in recognition of National Radon Awareness Month, SWAT, the largest radon gas mitigator in the nation, is offering discounts on its radon mitigation strategies. Staffing the largest number of certified technicians as compared to other radon mitigation companies, SWAT has the expertise needed to eliminate this deadly gas from your home. Take a proactive step in keeping your family safe and arrange for radon testing today (and mitigation if necessary) in honor of National Radon Awareness Month.